Last weekend my family and I visited Moret-sur-Loing, a breathtaking médiéval village in the Fontainebleau forest with a rich history.  Legend has it that Julius Caesar’s army passed through the village.  Impressionist painter Alfred Sisley lived in Moret-sur-Loing and I’m not at all surprised that it also served as inspiration for Monet and Renoir.  I have to thank my friend Philippe Engammare, an awesome Parisian chef who makes house calls, for suggesting Moret-sur-Loing to me!  This perfect little village is so beautiful, very relaxing and only 1 hour from Paris!

The detail in the wood is amazing!

The doors in Moret-sur-Loing are simply magnifique!

no cars or motorcycles allowed,

no parking,

parked cars will be towed,

maximum 20 km per hour for cars, motorcycles and pedestrians,

no swimming,

no dogs allowed – not even on a leash

Typical France!  So many rules!

This is an art school for music , dance, theater, sculpting…  Established in 1901.


This mailbox says :

No junk mail please

I’m too small, I can’t digest it…


The following photos are of la façade François 1er, named after my favorite French king.

Merci beaucoup, Philippe!



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