Michelle And Leaf ~ Los Angeles Family Photography

These photos were taken over several years, starting with Michelle’s pregnancy.  This beautiful mother and son just booked a photo shoot during my upcoming trip to Los Angeles this spring.  I have not photographed them since I moved to France and I’m  feeling a little nostalgic.  So, I decided to do a little tribute to the two of them.  All of these photographs were shot with black & white film, custom printed and then the prints were sepia toned.  These are scans of the prints.  The first photo of Michelle is a scan of a gelatin silver photograph that I hand painted.


This next photo is a scan of a hand painted gelatin silver photograph.




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  1. Sally Hamilton

    Juliane Berry is the very best photographer. In looking back at my daughter and grandson when these photos were taken, so many memories return. What a beautiful grandson I have in Leaf Grandma “Nannie” Sal. Sorry I didn’t get to see you when you were in Los Angeles.

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